Ritu Dalmia

The interest in cooking started when she prepared her first dish at the age of nine. When she turned 16, she decided to join her father in his business in 1989 only to quickly discover that her heart wasn’t in it. She quit her family business and opened her own restaurant, MezzaLuna in Delhi in 1994 but shut it down in 1996 when she discovered that Delhi was not quite ready for Italian fine dining. She then moved to London to open her second restaurant Vama with her partner Andy Verma which turned out to be a big success. India beckoned her in 2000 and she launched Diva a fine-dining Italian restaurant here. This time around she got it right and there has been no looking back since. Over the past sixteen years, one Italian culinary hotspot has grown to six and one Pan Asian restaurant across Delhi. The chef extraordinaire who has never had any formal training believes that the food business is all about instinct and passion. So either you have it or you don’t and there is no doubt she has plenty of it.

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