Pooja Dhingra

She was 22-years-old when she penned down her business plan -- right from the colours of her brand’s logo, to the upholstery of the cafe, the items on the menu to the places she wanted to set up shop and the publications she wanted to be featured in -- this pastry chef had jotted it all down before she began. Pooja Dhingra was only six-years-old when she was initiated into the culinary art of baking by her aunt. Seventeen years later, she managed to turn her passion into a successful business opening her own patisserie, Le 15, in 2009 with just two employees and borrowed capital of ₹10 lakh from her father. Ever since she tasted her first passion fruit-flavoured macaron in France, she knew she had to bring this treat to the Indian market with her own twist of flavours. Dhingra, who attributes her discipline and attention-to-detail as contributors to her success, wants to grow Le 15 to more outlets in the city and even across India.

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