Ashni Biyani

Ashni Biyani is the ‘ideas’ person at Future Group. Her job is to look for shifts in society and how to come out with relevant product offerings. This 31-year-old confesses to be hugely curious, a trait she has inherited in no small measure from her father, Kishore Biyani. Starting off early, this petite lady remembers spending her summer holidays at school helping her father open stores. It was this experience that laid the foundation for observing what people bought and why they did so. Today, she runs Future Ideas apart from being very closely involved with Future Consumer Enterprise, which has a focus on food and FMCG. A recent foray has been the launch of the Desi Atta brand, which will be followed by oats. With an intricate understanding of the Indian consumer inherited from her father, she is on the lookout for more such ideas. And while she’s at it, she is never too far from the average Indian consumer.

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