Ananya Birla

It is never easy to begin your entrepreneurial journey and more so if you have a surname to reckon with. Ananya Birla chose the path less travelled and put in place a micro finance company. From an office in what was barely a corridor, she grew it to its current presence across five states thus making a difference in the lives of women entrepreneurs -- her target audience. With that under her belt, she has just launched her second venture, an e-commerce business, CuroCarte, which will offer high-end luxury products online. Just 22-years-old, she says being second best is certainly not something she can live with. Start-ups are her passion and on the anvil is something around music that she will unveil very soon. This University of Oxford alumnus, and a national-level chess player, says the game taught her the virtue of looking for the right approach. It seems to be working well so far.

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